Welcome to Joshua's Heritage Farm

Our motto..."good attitude and horsemanship will take you far."

Joshua's Heritage Farm is a family oriented and affordable hunt seat and western pleasure equestrian farm located just outside of Williamsburg in Toano, VA. Our three professional trainers with proven show records on the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) and American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) combined to offer our clients over 85 years of equine experience. Not only have our trainers competed and received national and international recognition during their careers, but our students, under our training, have also started achieving national and international recognition. While we spend a lot of time in the show ring, we spend more time at the farm providing the horses with utmost care and focusing on our families. We strongly believe in the importance of having fun with our horses, keeping a family oriented atmosphere, and working hard to reach our goals; whatever they may be.

Joshua and Jennifer            

Weddings and Events At Heritage Farm

We had an absolute blast this evening at the event at Williamsburg Winery!  Looking forward to working with so many wonderful brides, and others for fun events here at Joshua's Heritage Farm.  Please visit Weddings at Heritage Farm  for more information on our packages, and the venue.  Coming soon to Weddings at Heritage Farm will be our corporate and family events.


Harvest Dream Festival Moving

We apologize for having to move the show again!  As it's less than two weeks away and the forecast still calling for more snow.  The weather is not permitting suitable conditions for hosting a show.  

Joshua's Heritage Farm will double as a therapeutic equestrian center during the day while riding lessons will be taught in the evening.  We excitedly look forward to beginning this next project in developing a holistic recovery program for those suffering with substance use disorders, depression, and addictive behaviors.  Lastly, one of our newest horses, Splash, is the first horse in our rescue program. 

Splash came to us with severe fungus and was significantly under weight.  Pictures will be posted over the next few months as we rehabilitate her.  Following her rehabilitation Splash will be used in our lesson program where she will teach many kids and adults the pleasure of riding and spending time with horses. 

Health Management Clinics 

We are looking forward to clinics this coming spring and summer!  While we will be offering three clinics over the warmer months, we have also initiated a program to educate our students.  On days where weather does not permit riding, our students will learn about how to maintain a horse.  Ranging in topics from nutrition, hoof care, turnout, grooming, and more.